Why Outsource?

We know that you have business run but can’t invest too much either money or time to manage IT team. The good news is that myOpenware can arrange hybrid offshore services for you. In this hybrid model, we act as your near shore development team while the actually development works are being done both at offshore and onshore. This service is available in Singapore, but plans to extend to other countries in the future.

For offshore development, we will arrange a dedicated team which team members work full-time on your project. By using this service, we don’t have to worry about time differences with offshore team, managing team, progress tracking and communication problems as our Team Singapore will take care all of those for you. We will assign a member of Team UK as project lead who’s essentially become your main contact throughout the project.

For details information on how you can save IT cost with us or would like to talk about your needs, please contact us at info at myOpenware.co.uk or submit the form at HERE.

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